Masterclass, Malmö, 1 juni: Measuring the customer experience

The key to digital transformation is customer-centricity, as many companies have shown in recent years. And the best way to put the customer first is to make sure their top tasks are easy to complete. This masterclass will give you the methods to focus on what your customers really want because giving people what they want—quickly and easily—is the foundation of a great customer experience.

  • Masterclass leader: Gerry McGovern
  • Date: June 1, 2017
  • Duration: 10.00 – 16.00
  • Location: Malmö, Sweden (Turning Torso konferens)
  • Price: From 3 495 SEK (including lunch and book)
  • For who: Managers of digital teams, customer experience and content professionals working with web and/or intranets, online marketers.
  • Bring your own laptop!

All attendees get a signed copy of Gerry’s latest book, Transform.

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Gerry Mcgovern has spoken on digital customer experience in 35 countries, and written six books on the subject.

Masterclass description

Top Tasks Identification

The first method, Top Tasks Identification helps you clearly identify the top tasks of your customers AND the tiny tasks. It is about developing clear evidence based on data about what is important—and what is not important—to your customers.

Gerry McGovern’s Top Tasks methods have been used by organizations such as Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Google, the European Union, Canadian Government, and hundreds of others.

Learn how to identify and professionally manage customer tasks. Top Tasks helps you to understand and empathize with your customers, and to deliver what they want.

Task Performance Indicator

The second method, which the masterclass will particularly focus on is how to measure the performance of top tasks using the Task Performance Indicator. You will be taught such techniques as:

  • How to develop task questions—a particularly important skill to develop.
  • How to run remote observation sessions of customers attempting to perform the tasks. You will be walked through a step-by-step facilitator guide.
  • How to analyze and present results in a way that management can understand and act on.

The Task Performance Indicator is driven by two key metrics:

  • Success rate: How many customers are actually able to complete top tasks?
  • Time-on-task: How long does it take customers to complete top tasks on your website or app?

You will be shown how to build a solidly reliable management model around these two essential metrics of the customer experience. You can show to management how increasing success and reducing time has positive impacts on revenue and costs.

What you will learn
  1. Cutting edge technique to clearly identify your customers’ top tasks.
  2. How to create task questions for observation and measurement.
  3. How to select participants.
  4. How to run a remote test.
  5. How to analyze and present results.

About Gerry McGovern

Gerry helps large organizations deliver a better digital customer experience. He has written six books on the digital customer experience. His latest book is called Transform: A Rebel’s Guide for Digital Transformation. It shows that digital transformation is far more about culture change than technology change. His commercial clients include Microsoft, Dropbox, Cisco, NetApp, VMware, and IBM. He has also consulted with the US, UK, EU, Dutch, Canadian, Norwegian, and Irish governments.

”Gerry McGovern is a truly ’amazing’ speaker—passionate and profound, hilarious and enlightening. A golden-tongued orator whose every utterance merits quotation, and a lone rational voice in a wilderness of self-defeating, self-interest and inverse prioritization. He fights a never-ending battle to bring reason and utility to our websites by focusing relentlessly on your user’s most important tasks.”

Jeffrey Zeldman – A List Apart, Happy Cog, A Book, An Event Apart

”Gerry McGovern always delivers talks and workshops that our audiences love. He has given the best rated talk at Webdagene ever (in 2008) and he gave the best rated talk at Webdagene in 2015. Great content and great outcome.”

Sesilie Halland – Manager Webdagene / conferences by Netlife Research

The Irish Times described Gerry as one of five visionaries who have had a major impact on the development of the Web. He is the founder and CEO of Customer Carewords.


9.30 Coffee

10:00 Session 1: Top tasks identification

  • Getting the organization to think about customer tasks
  • Sources for a task list
  • How to do a top tasks survey and present results

11:15 Break

11:30 Session 2: Measuring Customer Outcomes

  • An ongoing management metric
  • Participant / customer selection
  • Creating task questions

12:30 Lunch

13:15 Session 3: How to Run an Observation Session

  • Preparing for testing
  • Running an observation session
  • Analyzing and presenting results
14:30 Coffee

14:45 Session 4: Run your own observation session

  • Each workshop participant gets to run their own observation session, and try out the skills they have learned. To allow this, every participant needs to bring their own laptop.

16:00 Ends

Price and booking

When you sign up before May 15, 2017

  • Masterclass: 3 495,00 SEK
  • Masterclass for paying member of Intranätverk or Intra2: 2 495,00 SEK
  • 3 or more participants from the same organisation: 40 % discount on participant 3-5.
    (if you are more than 5, please contact Fredrik Wackå)

When you sign up May 15 or later

  • Masterclass: 4 995,00 SEK
  • Masterclass for paying member of Intranätverk or Intra2: 3 995,00 SEK
  • 3 or more participants from the same organisation: 40 % discount on participant 3-5.
    (if you are more than 5, please contact Fredrik Wackå)


We handle bookings manually so confirmation might take 24-48 hours.


Please feel free to contact Fredrik Wackå, Gerry’s Swedish network partner, if you have any questions about the masterclass.