Företagsbloggar i spänningsfältet mellan personligt och professionellt

Jag har haft förmånen att hjälpa fyra studenter vid IT-universitetet i Köpenhamn med deras uppsats. Det mycket ambitiösa arbetet har resulterat i 176 fullmatade sidor om företagsbloggar: Brugeres engagement på corporate weblogs – et spændingsfelt mellem den personlige og den professionelle selvfremstilling (pdf).

Resultaten tänker jag inte återge (ok, erkänner, har inte läst hela uppsatsen än) men sammanfattningen väcker mitt intresse.

The qualitative analysis concludes that users see the present values of corporate weblogs and view the genre as a more personal way of communicating and a means to get an improved insight into companies and company cultures. Users also recognise potential values of corporate weblogs which will be brought to life when actively participating in the communication.

Through active participation users may obtain a more personal and intimate relation to companies. However, users express several barriers for participating actively on corporate weblogs, which is further explored and discussed with the object of establishing a profound understanding of users’ desire to engage on corporate weblogs.

In conclusion, the thesis presents a model illustrating the correlation between the participating parties as well as stressing the importance of active participation, mutual interaction and dialogue – the basis of existence for corporate weblogs.

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