Jeremiah Owyang konstaterar att reklambyråer har förtvivlat svårt att närma sig den stil och den ton som människors egenproducerade videos har. Men saker förändras.

Product videos now are being done by product managers and engineers, you don’t need an actor to make it real and come to life.

Läs hans jämförelse av gamla och nya ”business videos”.

Old Business Videos:

  • Actors
  • Heavily Scripted
  • Heavily Polished
  • Top Down
  • Single Distribution points
  • Titled
  • Static

New Business Videos:

  • Product Teams
  • Behind the scenes
  • Raw and Authentic (but still good video and audio quality)
  • Bottom Up (by the people for the people)
  • Mass Distribution through community
  • Tagged
  • Interactive (audience leaves comments, blogs back, repurposes, or mashes)