Facebook inom NASA blir… Spacebook

Egentligen inget nytt under solen. Men lite humor är det i valet av Spacebook som namn för NASAs interna sociala nätverk.

Som konstaterat tidigare: personliga profilsidor blir allt viktigare på bra intranät. Med Spacebook tar NASA Goddard Space Flight Center steget in i ett mer relationsdrivet intranät. ReadWriteWeb skriver och visar prototyp:

As on Facebook, users on Spacebook will be able to maintain their own user profiles which list their expertise and personal interests. They can also publish their status, share files, and friend (follow) other Spacebook users’ activity. Not only will this help employees connect with each other more easily than ever before, [NASAs CIO] believes the social networking will lead to productivity increases as well…especially now as hiring freezes are impacting the center.