Den sociala organisationen: 5 stora företag som skapat framgång

Under hela våren presenterade ZDNet en serie exempel på ”social business”. Inför höstens obligatoriska nya tag, är det intressant att gå tillbaka och se vad dessa företag gjort och hur de lyckats.

Dion Hinchcliffe startade serien med bland annat denna träffande uppdelning av olika typer av interaktion på ett socialt intranät.

Från ZDNet
Från ZDNet


”…the innovation director involved in realizing Shift, apparently used executives exclusively as the initial test audience instead of workers. As I’ve pointed out in my social business adoption research, executive leadership is critical in triggering early adoption. In my opinion, this then largely explains the unusually fast and complete adoption rate that CEMEX experienced…”


”Press reports are giving their social business strategy a good chunk of the the credit for a 21% jump in profits in the fourth quarter of 2011. Burberry has been extremely effective at building a social customer experience and has over 10 million Facebook fans as they’ve situated Chatter and other technologies such as IM for workers to engage with each other and customers to drive better results. As their CEO says: The social enterprise has got to drive economic value.”


”The social business platform that was used, based on IBM Connections, included rich user profiles, status updates, communities of interest, searching/tagging capabilities, blogs, forums, bookmarks, file sharing, and important for an industrial company, wikis. The staffing for the effort consists of two global community managers and three regional community managers plus part time involvement of staff for governance and solution stakeholders/owners.”

Yum! Brands

”Within six months of roll-out, over 3,600 corporate workers had joined the social network and created over 600 social groups to interact and collaboration. Thousands of documents have been uploaded for sharing and joint effort. One iCHING case study cites that, on average, a document uploaded has been downloaded 5 times, meaning that users are finding the knowledge that they need and retention of vital corporate information is actually resulting in reuse.”

News Corp

”…social technology is changing the world and it will begin to challenge the way business gets done. Around the same time, we were also hearing requests from our employees – they were asking to connect with people in other parts of our businesses with similar jobs to theirs so they could learn from each other and innovate faster.”

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