Pedagogerna som har upptäckt nya webben

På tal om lärande och nya webben: Svensk-amerikanska Grönstedt Group som erbjuder kompetensutveckling inom marknadsföring och försäljning har tagit steget fullt ut och använder de nya möjligheter som webben idag ger. De beskriver själva hur de arbetat för förlaget Prentice Hall.

A lot of companies are starting to realize that if their reps are on the road, their rep training and communications need to be mobile, too. For this reason, mp3 player-enabled podcasts are emerging as an increasingly effective tool.

Prentice-Hall’s new series of online radio programs, entitled ”What’s Your Point?” are designed to reinforce key messages, introduce book authors, and keep reps updated on an ongoing basis via a conversational, news/talk format that’s both informative and entertaining.

Förlaget har också startat en intern blogg för säljarna.

…the blog serves as a forum for free-flowing conversations. It’s an engine for sharing experiences from the front lines across the sales organization without inundating reps with e-mail. They can read the musings, rants, raves, insights and opinions of their peers and weigh in on conversations about pressing issues that will help them better do their jobs.

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