Kommunicera som du fattar affärsbeslut

Nio tips om internkommunikation till en VD.

Ron Shewchuk skriver brev till VD-ar för att göra dem till bättre ledare och internkommunikatörer. Alla nio tipsen är sanna. Några är banala medan andra träffar mitt i internkommunikationens veka liv.

  1. Think about communication as you’re making business decisions – not after the fact.
  2. Involve your communications team much earlier than you do now.
  3. Recognize that today’s employees don’t necessarily share your values.
  4. Understand what your employees are thinking.
  5. Start a real conversation with your employees.
  6. For goodness’ sake, stop blocking the Internet!
  7. Improve day-to-day communication with your direct reports.
  8. Don’t be reluctant to tell the whole truth.
  9. And, finally, and perhaps most importantly, speak plain English with employees.

For Your Approval: Dear CEO samt artikeln i sin helhet (pdf).