BBCs 15 principer för bra webb

Tomski, som arbetar på BBC, berättar om de femton vägledande principer som BBC har slagit fast för sitt BBC2.0-projekt. De är så bra att jag nästan blir tårögd…

Du bör givetvis läsa dem allihop men låt mig citera några ändå.

Do not attempt to do everything yourselves: link to other high-quality sites instead. Your users will thank you. Use other people’s content and tools to enhance your site, and vice versa.

Any website is only as good as its worst page: Ensure best practice editorial processes are adopted and adhered to.

Let people paste your content on the walls of their virtual homes: Encourage users to take nuggets of content away with them, with links back to your site.

The very best websites do one thing really, really well: do less, but execute perfectly.

Via Column Two

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